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Avid Product Development

Supply Chain

  • Founded: 2012
  • Ownership: Private
  • Employees: 8

Since early March, we have focused our engineering and additive manufacturing capabilities on COVID-19 solutions. Employing our design for additive manufacturing expertise and production capacity, we have devised and manufactured face shield frames optimized for 3D printing with HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology. To help other members of the 3D printing community deliver critical personal protection equipment to healthcare workers and essential businesses, the design for the Avid face shield frame is freely available on our website. Manufactured Avid Face Shields are also available for direct purchase.

General Business Information: Avid Product Development is here to help manufacturers with their supply chain challenges for plastic parts and design. We understand that every product and project is unique, so we offer flexible services around manufacturing, design, mechanical engineering, and prototyping to meet your needs. Our selection of commercial-grade 3D-printing systems and polymer materials ensures that you will have the right fit for your plastic products and parts. We turn parts in 3-5 days (5-7 days for TPU) and run multiple shifts to meet demand.

Avid goes beyond traditional 3D-printing service bureaus by leveraging our in-house mechanical engineers to reverse engineer and design your parts. From engineered coatings to assembly, we also offer various options and engineering techniques to finish your production parts and products. Our team of engineers will work with you to determine the appropriate additive manufacturing technique and mechanical assembly to ensure cost-effective and on-time delivery of your plastic parts and products.


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