Golden, Colorado

CoResearch Incorporated

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  • Women-Owned Businesses
  • Founded: 1990
  • Ownership: Private
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CoResearch Incorporated is a woman-owned small business and manufacturer of face shields located in Golden, Colorado.

Our team is among the many COVID-19 volunteers and manufacturers who have stepped in to supply personal protective gear for frontline workers during the ongoing surges of the pandemic. Early on, as our friends and other healthcare providers shared their stories, we were concerned that supply shortages were forcing them to source and make their own protective gear.

Responding to requests for 3-D printed PPE, our office’s 3-D printer was put into action. As the 3-D printer droned for hours producing one piece at a time, it became evident that 3-D printing was not the most efficient and cost-effective way to address supply shortages given anticipated needs for millions of pieces.

What if a quality face shield could be produced more efficiently? Based on research and testing, a series of engineering designs were developed. The best design that our team developed is the only one with our name on it - the CoResearch Face Shield. It meets and/or exceeds engineering design specifications for a quality face shield. It can be produced in high volumes in a reasonable time and with cost savings. It is the face shield that we wear.

Made in the USA with Global Materials – The CoResearch Face Shield is made in the USA with manufacturing and assembly in CO, AR, IL, and MI. We are excited to offer a high quality face shield that supports jobs and communities across the United States.

Scalable Manufacturing Capabilities Translates to Cost Savings – Our capacity for flexible manufacturing allows production to scale up for large orders. With greater volume orders, our ability to source materials at lower cost is realized, and the savings is passed on as volume discounts with larger orders. CoResearch Face Shields are flat packed for shipping and storage which provides cost savings as well.

Our Customers - We are privileged to serve frontline workers across many industries, including healthcare, business, manufacturing, ground & air transportation, and education. To introduce the CoResearch Face Shield to new users, smaller sample packs with 10 face shields are also available for purchase on our website. Please contact us with questions and inquiries.


  • Additive Manufacturing | 3D Printing
  • Engineering & Design