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Enexor Health manufactures an FDA-EUA approved emergency ventilator known as the X-VENT Ventilator. These ventilators are available immediately. Customer interest is strong, so orders should be submitted as soon as possible.

-The X-VENT was designed by a uniquely qualified medical team to handle the critical ventilation modes required for COVID patients.

-The X-VENT integrates with low flow oxygen, greatly increasing access to ventilators for those in need while also saving thousands of dollars per COVID patient.

-The X-VENT piston system recalibrates every time it is powered on, significantly minimizing maintenance costs.

-The X-VENT runs on HEPA filtered room air.

-The X-VENT uses off-the-shelf consumables and attachments, mitigating equipment shortages

-The X-VENT is designed to last at least ten years using a high-precision piston technology.

-The X-VENT comes with a warranty and access to our expert medical/respiratory team as well as online training modules.

-The X-VENT can be controlled by a remote tablet, reducing clinician exposure to the virus.

-The X-VENT is manufactured in the USA at Enexor Health headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee, and economically priced to ensure rapid adoption.

Note: Because the X-VENT does not require high flow oxygen to operate, hospitals save $2,000 to $7,000 on average per COVID patient.

We have 500 ventilators available to ship immediately and will be producing more than 1,000 per week as needed. Minimum order quantity is 10 units. Maximum order quantity is 10,000 units. The price is $12,500 USD per ventilator plus shipping.