Loveland, Colorado


Aerospace & Electronics, Bioscience & Medical, Industrial & Equipment

  • Founded: 2009
  • Ownership: Private
  • Employees: Undisclosed

Intellivation is a leading manufacturer of innovative & state-of-the art vacuum thin film coating equipment and components. Founder and CEO Mike Simmons has built a manufacturer of capital equipment with an eye on automation, customer service, and innovative design. The R2R Series web coating systems have a compact and ergonomic design for coating flexible polymer, metal, ceramic, glass and other flexible materials with a wide range of thin films. The PhiMagTM planar sputter magnetrons and rotary magnet bars offer an industry-leading magnetic, thermal, and mechanical design for precise depositions and high utilization. Intellivation offers other depositions sources and pre-treatments to deliver a wide range of solutions with vacuum requirements. Development services with our in-house application laboratory features a R2R330 web coating system and a full materials characterization laboratory for process and product development


  • Automation
  • Engineering & Design
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Other

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