Englewood, Colorado

Peak Manufacturing and Fulfillment

Bioscience & Medical, Cannabis & Hemp, Consumer & Lifestyle, Food & Beverage

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Peak Manufacturing & Fulfillment is a quality manufacturing and fulfillment center located in Englewood Colorado, specializing in:

Design and 3D printing Plastic injection molding Product assembly/kitting Packaging Warehousing Order fulfillment We’re not your average 3PL, nor your average manufacturer. Located in Englewood, Colorado, Peak Manufacturing & Fulfillment offers a wide range of services. We combine the strengths of our operators & packagers into cohesive manufacturing, assembly, and fulfillment teams that can tackle any project, large or small. Along with well-trained staff and decades of experience, we are equipped with specialized manufacturing machinery, cleanrooms, and well-lit assembly areas to offer one-stop supply chain solutions.

Medical, consumer goods, and industrial goods brands, along with food and CBD companies, have enlisted Peak to provide unparalleled quality, unfiltered advice, and unmatched solutions for product manufacturing, assembly, and supply chain solutions.


  • Additive Manufacturing | 3D Printing
  • Assembly
  • Injection Molding
  • Packaging