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Whimsical Whiskers usually makes plush dragons, but we shifted our workers to handmade washable masks during the pandemic.

Former refugees and local seamstresses cut and sew these pleated 100% cotton masks that tie around the head. We were proud to partner with the Colorado Hospital Association to make masks for rural hospitals and clinics throughout the state.

Our masks tie around the head, are pleated so they fit most adults, are comfortable to wear for long periods of time, are washable in any washing machine, and are extremely high quality. Each mask undergoes a stringent quality check before being sent to you.

We have ready-to-wear masks and mask kits available for immediate shipment or local pickup. Mask kits are pre-cut fabric and bias tape with a PDF pattern, making it easier to sew your own masks. We also have the ability to make more masks for your businesses. Bulk discounts available.


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